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ANP was launched as a not-for-profit curatorial enterprise and artist agency in 1993.

Trying to make some sense of a rapidly expanding world where traditional critical criteria are no longer applied, ANP's intention and ultimate aim is to bring together artists, galleries and not-for-profit organizations in an ongoing series of projects. This in order to create a trans-world corporation, known for its ethical consciousness and faithful comradeship.

From 1998 through 2000 ANP had a permanent exhibition space which hosted four shows. The gallery was closed in January 2000 to pursue ANP's more internationally oriented undertakings in several international galleries and not for profit spaces.

Pointing towards one more innovative way of negotiating artistic practice around the gallery system, ANP invites its participants to engage with a diverse community of artists, musicians and designers, while attempting to avoid the cliquishness that dominates the art world.

Collaborating with artists, writers, musicians and designers, ANP curates unique exhibitions by inviting artists to create work for a specific project.

As of March 2005, Envoy Enterprises LLC provides an exhibition space for a selection of ANPís projects through Envoy, a contemporary art gallery located in New York Cityís Chelsea Art district. Aside from curating projects, ANP also introduces artists to commercial galleries as well as public spaces.